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armoured vehicles

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security glass

Security Glass

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Armoured Vehicles For Sale

Armoured Vehicles

Military Vehicles for Sale

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About Jeet & Jeet Glass and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd

We are the first Indian company to introduce anti-ballistic products way back in 1972. Today we are a renowned and leading supplier of anti-ballistic products, and manufacturer of Armor Transparencies, up armoured vehicles, bulletproof automotives and other specialized anti-ballistic products for asset protection.

Our high-end anti-ballistic products are manufactured in two state of the art industrial units under strict ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 compliances. Our bulletproof vehicles constantly protect our leaders, strategic assets and military possessions worldwide, aiming for safer world to live in.

We have received numerous endorsements from many governments for our outstanding products delivered. Our products have been time tested by governments and international laboratories for their superior performances. Our R&D center constantly develops lighter and safer bulletproof glass products, to make the world more secure.

Armored Glass

Manufactured using state of the art machineries, Jeet Glass make lightest bulletproof glass as per internationally acceptable standards including EN 1063, STANAG 4579 and NIJ 0108.01 standards.

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Armored Vehicles

Jeet Glass fabricates medium armored vehicles for use by security forces to enter terrorist affected areas. These vehicles meet various standards like NATO STANAG Level I and II and up to EN 1063 B7. Some readymade cars and automotives are ready for direct sales from our factory, for civilian use in India.

Bullet Proof Lecterns and Podiums

To safeguard ministers and VIPs from terrorist threats, Jeet Glass manufactures an array of bullet proof lecterns and podiums to protect them while delivering speeches or attending public rallies.

Armored Guard Posts and Bunkers

To safeguard the personnel manning a specific asset or building, we manufacture armoured guard post and shelters which can be deployable in couple of minutes.

Military Shelters

From EMI shielded to deployable armoured shelters, Jeet Glass manufactures customised shelters to for use by defence forces in order keep them safe in hostile areas.

Bullet Proof Car

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